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HDMI ATC testing is designed to verify baseline HDMI / HDCP compliance. A manufacturer submitting products for HDMI ATC testing must be an adopter of the HDMI specification. A manufacturer submitting a product for HDMI 1.3 or above testing must also be a DCP, LLC adopter. Manufacturers may also opt for an HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) test.

Accepting HDMI® 2.0 compliance testing order effective March 28. The compliance testing will begin April 11, 2014 throughout Simplay Labs’ worldwide ATC locations, pending HDMI LLC’s announcement.

IMPORTANT. Changes to 'Family Model additions' - We can no longer allow Family Model 'adds' to our certificate once the certificate has been issued. We regret we must implement this change. However, we must comply with the practice of ALL other ATC's.

HDMI ATC Test Program Information

There are four general categories of device testing

    Source - Devices such as DVD/HD/Blu-ray players, cable/satellite set-top boxes, PCs, etc.
    Sink - Presentation or display devices such as HDTVs, projectors, monitors, etc.
    Repeaters - Devices such as A/V receivers, home theater systems (can be both a repeater and a source), and switches
    Cables - HDMI cables: wire, passive equalized and active

HDMI CEC Compliance Test Requirements

    Manufacturers can test CEC only on a HDMI certified product, as long as they provide an approved HDMI ATC certificate, or courtesy letter from HDMI Licensing, LLC.
    Self testers will not be allowed to use our ATC's for CEC certification.
    Family models can only be added to products that have had HDMI and CEC certification performed by a Simplay Labs Test Center.