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FA Failure Analysis

Overview of Failure Analysis

iST(Integrated Service Technology, Inc) provides complete Focus Ion Bean Circuit Edit and Failure Analysis services from component level to module and system level. iST is the nation's finest laboratory and expertized with a widespread of professional failure analysis service.


    Provide necessary equipment and resource for carrying out IC component failure analysis, electrical failure analysis, physical failure analysis
    Provide one-stop analysis services
    Provide third party report
    Post-test failure analyses for ESD / latch-up / OLT / precondition / reliability tests
    Analytic services on RMA samples, and defect products
    Sample analysis after C/P, F/T or PCBA

Service Scope

    FIB Circuit Edit
    CAD Probe Pads/ Debug
    Backside FIB Circuit Edit
    Non-destructive Analysis
    Defect Detection
    Electronical Characteristics Measuement
    Reverse Engineering
    IC Decapsulation
    Ion Beam Cross-section Polisher
    IC Delayer Process
    IC Backside Polishing
    Cross-section Inspection
    Quick-term Assembly

Service Scope