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Requirements Test Submission Procedures


    Manufacturer must be an HDMI Adopter to submit a product for HDMI compliance testing. Refer to http://www.hdmi.org for more information on becoming an HDMI adopter
    HDCP testing is combined with HDMI 1.3 and above, and cannot be tested separately. Manufacturer must be a DCP, LLC adopter prior to submission.

Test Submission Procedures:

There are generally three steps in the test submission process.

1.Product Submission
    Manufacturer needs to complete HDMI (ATC) order form. HDMI adopter number is required for verification and must be listed on the order form.
    Manufacturer is required to provide a Return Waybill Shipment Label at the time of submission. Simplay Labs is not responsible for freight charges.If a Return Waybill Shipment Label is not provided at the time of submission, a $500.00USD will be charged to the order.
    The payment terms for all ATC orders is cash in advance only. Simplay Labs must receive payment prior to starting product test. Once order is booked an invoice will be emailed with the payment details.

    Manufacturer submits the product, along with any ancillary equipment (such as signal generators) required to operate the product, to the HDMI ATC. The product and ancillary equipment must include necessary operating instructions. In the case of cables, only (1) sample must be provided.
    Upon receipt, the HDMI ATC will inspect the product for completeness. Requests will be made for any missing equipment or instructions.
    Upon receipt of payment, HDMI ATC tests the product in accordance with the HDMI ATC Specification.
    If at any time during the test process the device under test (DUT) requires any firmware or hardware change the HDMI ATC will contact the manufacturer and provide them the following two options:
  1. Finish testing the original submission, and issue a completed failure report. Manufacturer will then need to proceed to resubmission.
  2. Stop testing original submission, and issue incomplete failure report. Manufacturer will then need to proceed to resubmission.


3.Test Results
    Once testing is completed, the HDMI ATC will issue a Test Results Form.
    If the product passes testing according to HDMI ATC's standards, the HDMI ATC will send a Confirmation Certificate to the manufacturer acknowledging that the product models declared in the Test Application have passed compliance testing. The manufacturer can then provide this certificate along with other required documents to HDMI Licensing, LLC for an approval letter to ship product and display the HDMI Logo.
    If the product fails testing according to HDMI ATC's standards, the HDMI ATC will send the failed test report to the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then have 60 days to process a resubmission test. After 60 days the product will need to be submitted as a new submission.
    The HDMI ATC will return all equipment back to the manufacturer with the Return Waybill Label provided at the time of submission.